I’ve been working twice a week with my trainer, Fabian Cabrera, at Catalyst for several months and it’s been great. The gym has everything we need and is never too crowded. Fabian has me working super hard and doing things that I never would have imagined doing post-surgery. I would recommend Catalyst and Fabian to anyone looking to work hard and get in better shape.
Aaron N.,
It is important to me to train with someone who practices what they teach and who is in better shape than I am. That builds my confidence in the whole thing and gives me inspiration to keep going, when I really want to stay home. Joe Boffi is that trainer. He is the result you want and he will help you get there. At least I believe I will eventually get there. I’m on my way.
Jennifer L.,
I’ve been training with Jason Kapnick for three years, and have gotten in the best shape of my life as a result. Jason is one the most knowledgeable, passionate, and effective practitioners in the fitness industry.
Mark A.,