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Fabian Cabrera

Fabian Cabrera worked for many years behind a desk and is currently a part-time student, so he is aware of the daily challenges faced and the compromises made in order to maintain a healthy and resilient body. Although it tends to be an uphill battle against the sedentary culture we live in, he can help you bypass the guesswork so that your training puts on an efficient path toward your aesthetic and performance goals. Simplicity is key when balancing life and fitness goals.



  • Strength and cardiovascular conditioning concurrent with and/or post-rehabilitation from injury and surgery
  • Experience with post-operative procedures (shoulders, hips, knees, spine) and can work within the precautionary guidelines of your doctor/therapist in order to maintain fitness throughout recovery
  • Education of a self maintenance routine including stretching, self mobilizations, and self myofascial release that will keep you energized and moving with less stiffness
  • Recovery of fundamental movement patterns lost or altered by desk jobs to build strength and freedom of movement in all activities
  • Integration of flexibility and reflexive stability training to support strength and performance goals
  • Tension and breath control techniques to overcome training plateaus and exceed goals


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