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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - Considerations for Wrist Health (Part 1 of 2)

    Considerations for Wrist Health (Part 1 of 2)

    The Carpal Bones (Wrist Bones)
    Nearly every person who lifts weights, practices yoga, trains martial arts, or types at a computer has suffered from wrist pain. Misalignment of the carpal bones and ligaments leads to a decrease in optimal performance in our professions and athletic endeavors. The connection of our vitally important hands to arms has actually eight small carpal bones in two rows. Ligaments connect the bones, and a number of muscles have attachments on the hand itself and extend in between the hand and the forearm. The key to optimizing the function of our wrists and hands is proper alignment starting with the axial skeleton, ribcage, clavicles, shoulder girdle, ....

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  • The Four-Stage Learning Model for Skill Acquisition

    Jason Kapnick, Co-Founder of Catalyst SPORT If you and I have worked together, either in Semi-Private Training, or Personal Training, you’ve probably heard me refer to the “Four-Stage Learning Model” that takes us from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence. Whether it’s how to throw a jab in boxing, butcher a chicken, or perform a proper hip hinge, skill acquisition typically goes through four phases. Being aware of these four stages will allow you to better assess where you are in your journey, and adjust accordingly to maximize progress. This blog post will also give you some ideas and recommendations for each stage. First, the model itself: ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - What is Ketosis & the Ketogenic Diet? Only the Facts (and maybe some science-y stuff).

    What is Ketosis & the Ketogenic Diet? Only the Facts (and maybe some science-y stuff).

    There is a lot of chatter in gyms, blogs, and of course on Facebook about something called Keto or Ketosis. It just so happens that at this time a couple of us at Catalyst are using the ketogenic diet (“KD”). This entire subject matter can be very information dense and complex. To help understand ketosis and KD a little bit better I think it is important to define a few key concepts and definitions of commonly asked questions. After touching on these more “science-y” subjects I will bring you through some of the experiences (pros & cons) that a couple of us have had on KD. There will be no claims about whether one lifestyle choice is better than another. To ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - How Specifcic Should “Sport Specific Exercise” Be?

    How Specifcic Should “Sport Specific Exercise” Be?

    Recently at Catalyst we had a member who was an avid cricket player ask us “Why aren’t there more movements that resemble cricket in my program?” It’s a great question – after all, if you want to get better at a sport, doesn’t it make sense for one’s strength & conditioning program to include movements that closely resemble that sport? The answer is “not necessarily.” While we of course want to consider the demands of the sport when designing a program, direct mimicry of the sport is rarely the best strategy, and in many cases, can even be counterproductive. Sport Skills vs. Attributes
    The weight room is the place for athletes ....

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  • What do you do when an exercise is too hard?

    From time to time, an exercise may be too difficult to perform with good technique. As former Master SFG Dave Whitley was famous for saying “I don’t care how quickly, how heavy, or how many times you can do something poorly.” Wondering what makes an exercise safe or unsafe? Download our FREE report on exercise safety here Choosing HOW to make an exercise easier can have some important consequences on your training results (or lack thereof!). In personal trainer parlance, this is called “regression.” This post will break down the two primary ways to regress an exercise, and explain why we prefer Skill-Based Regression to Weight-Based Regression. First, ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - How Constraints Create Freedom - Using Systems to Ignite Creativity

    How Constraints Create Freedom - Using Systems to Ignite Creativity

    Prompted by Greg McKeown's fantastic book "Essentialism," something I've been pondering recently is that idea that "simplicity on one level allows complexity on another." Have you ever noticed that some of the most high-performing people impose rigid schedules and routines upon themselves? Or how some of the most artistic and creative people dress extremely simply? I have one friend who is a music producer - he's worn black jeans, a black T-shirt, and a white belt nearly every day for almost a decade.By constraining certain aspects of their life, these individuals free up time and brainpower to tackle what really matters. As a slightly different example, if you had a dog in a yard without ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - The Magic of Fury at Catalyst

    The Magic of Fury at Catalyst

    This weekend some magic happened. People were brought together from across the northeast, heck, from across the world. We were drawn by the call of knowledge, of friends, and by our extended family of strength. We were drawn by the call of Fury – Steve Holiner (Coach Fury) . On the eve of Coach Fury’s 3-year anniversary, of becoming a Senior RKC, we gathered for his first time leading an RKC Level 2 as a Master RKC. Coach Fury brought with him a team of amazing assistants, by the names of Ryan Jankowitz and William Sturgeon , to help bestow the knowledge of the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge). We all entered the weekend with different strengths and weaknesses. ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - How We Use the Functional Movement Screen in Our Small Group Fitness (Semi-Private Training) Programs

    How We Use the Functional Movement Screen in Our Small Group Fitness (Semi-Private Training) Programs

    Earlier this week, we linked an article from Functional Movement Systems ( Simplicity and the FMS )on our Facebook page, and noted that “at Catalyst, no one escapes the FMS, and our program is based around its results.” We got a few questions about what that means, so this article will go into some more detail about how and why we use the movement screen in our fitness programs .
    First – What is the “FMS”?

    The Functional Movement Screen, developed by visionary physical therapist Gray Cook, is a simple 7-step graded evaluation of your movement patterns. It’s based on authentic human movement ( What is Authentic Human Movement... ) ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - Group Fitness or Personal Training—Which is right for ME?

    Group Fitness or Personal Training—Which is right for ME?

    “Should I do group classes or hire a personal trainer?” It’s one of the most frequent questions we get from friends and family outside the fitness business. Of the many fitness formats out there, each has benefits, each has drawbacks, and there is no one product that’s right for everyone. Sometimes, all the choices can be daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this “insider’s guide” to the different fitness formats available, to help you decide which is the best fit for you. Personal Training
    Personal training has been the fitness industry’s staple product for many years. Hiring an individual trainer is still a great ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - A Runner's 9 Point Checklist to Improve Your Fitness and Reduce Injury

    A Runner's 9 Point Checklist to Improve Your Fitness and Reduce Injury

    Are you a runner looking who wants to improve your performance? How would you like to maintain or increase your mileage without injury? Runners are constantly bombarded with the importance of strength training. Getting strong is indeed the best defense against the epidemic of running injury (per the National Academy of Sports Medicine, 83% of runners miss training due to injury each year!!). And yet, the information about HOW to actually train intelligently is confusing and conflicting. We’ve worked with runners of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels. Here’s our 9-Point checklist to see if YOUR training program is on the right track:
    Lift heavy, stay fresh (rest ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - Catalyst’s 9 Principles of Nutrition for  Health & Fitness

    Catalyst’s 9 Principles of Nutrition for Health & Fitness

    In this post you will find some simple principles to guide your nutrition decisions. Using these principles you will feel full but not stuffed, not need to eat as often, and have more energy. And of course, these principles will also enhance your fitness progress!
    It’s not a meal without protein
    Protein is the building block of much of the body’s tissue, especially muscle. In addition, protein helps keep you more satiated, so you won’t be hungry as soon after eating. It’s also much harder to over-eat protein: you always have room for dessert, but at the end of a meal it’s much harder to eat more chicken.
    Include Healthy Fat
    Fat has been unfairly ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - Have a little fun!

    Have a little fun!

    Fitness doesn't always have to be grueling work. Sometimes it is forgottenthat exercise is to keep us healthy and enjoying life.

    Here a couple of ways to add a little spice into your workout:

    1. A great way to have fun during exercise is to include family. Kids love to be involved with everything you do, and why wouldn't they?

    . When it is possible don't be afraid to use small ones as an apparatus!
    3. Get outside and play a sport or an unconventional

    4. Find hidden places


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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - Member Spotlight!

    Member Spotlight!

    Catalyst Member
    and Entrepreneu
    : Erin Patinkin
    1. What brought you to Catalyst SPORT?
    I've known Veronica, Jason Kapnick's wife, for almost 20 years. She told me about Catalyst and, after years of mediocre personal training, convinced me to test it out. I was also drawn to Catalyst because I like supporting small businesses. 2. What results have you experienced with your health/fitness/injury if any since being here? Any PRs?

    I was never a sportsman or athletic (theater nerd alert) and didn't really start working out until I was in my twenties. As I've gotten older, fitness has become more and more important to me, but I was never really guided correctly ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT -  Superfood or Super Myth?

    Superfood or Super Myth?

    Been wondering about Superfoods? Check out this guest post from Catalyst SPT member and Registered Dietician Nutrionist Adena Neglia -- We seem to constantly read about the latest "superfood": a food with health promoting benefits and a stellar nutrition profile. It is suddenly a "must-have" item in your grocery cart. How did you ever live without it?! Call us crazy for asking, but are these so-called superfoods really what they're cracked up to be? We should first point out that the term "superfood" has no actual scientific definition. In addition, many of the claims for superfoods have not been proven. If you really look closely at some of the studies, they often use highly ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - Are You Drinking Enough Water?

    Are You Drinking Enough Water?

    Are You Drinking Enough Water?

    Getting enough to drink is just as important as eating nutritious foods. Up to about 60% of your body is made up of water, and shifts in your fluid balance are affected by factors including the temperature outside, your activity level, and your state of health. Water is essential for all metabolic processes in the body, including the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells, and the removal of wastes from the body. In addition, water maintains your body temperature and carries heat away from your internal organs in order to protect them. Our daily water intake must be balanced with daily water losses to allow ....

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  • Wake up your Qi!

    In Chinese medicine, Qi is the life force which encompasses circulation and metabolism. Try this quick routine from Catalyst coach extraordinaire Jackie Kook to wake up your body in the morning: If you ever got slapped by your mother for being lazy, that slap probably got you to get your butt moving! The slap is pretty universal for putting a person on alert from cartoons to athletes staying fast and loose, and in Chinese medicine, it can be used to wake up the Qi. And in the morning when it can feel particularly difficult to get going, slap yourself and you'll be more ready to take on the world! Don't bruise yourself. Just like the slap from your mother, this is a little love. ....

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  • The Importance and Application of Half-Kneeling

    Importance of Half Kneeling
    We all start off as babies, wired with reflexive stability and primitive reflexes that have been handed down to us in our DNA. Without cognition orinterruptions alongthe way, we go through intricate progressions of movement and posture in our first 13 months—starting with basic head and neck control, and leading all the way through ambulation (walking). Unafraid of failure, we lack embarrassment as we struggle to become upright—failing, falling and tinkering with different stabilization strategies. But, if we’re following our reflexive map, one thing we don't sacrifice is our spinal stability. At 11 months, we start to stabilize from ....

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  • Tip of the Week: The Archer Pushup

    Tip of the Week: The Archer Pushup
    The archer push up is an versatile progression from the push up and a great way to start training for the illustrious one-arm push up. The versatility of this exercise is how easily it can be regressed and progressed. Below we will address the versatility and the common errors of the archer push up. Make sure to watch the video for a demonstration of each point. Versatility:
    By moving the support arm (left arm in the video) closer to the center of your body the exercise will become easier. To progress the exercise, simply start removing points of contact from the support arm. First go to your finger tips. Next start lifting fingers off the ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - Seven Ingredient Gluten-Free Protein Pancakes (Fast & Easy!)

    Seven Ingredient Gluten-Free Protein Pancakes (Fast & Easy!)

    I was looking for a morning meal that was packed with protein and didn't include wheat or grain products (feel free to ask why or discuss that in the comments), but that was still filling enough to hold my appetite in check for a few hours. I needed something that I could cook in advance and store in the fridge for a day or two. Originally based on a recipe from Catalyst trainer Fabian Cabera, after a few weeks of experimentation, my recipe turned into a healthy PANCAKE! With ~20 grams of protein and ~40 grams of carbs, these pancakes aren’t just a great breakfast--they also make for an excellent post-work out meal! Ingredients:

    4 Eggs
    4 Heaping Tbsp of Coconut Flour ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - Tip of the Week: Rack Carry

    Tip of the Week: Rack Carry

    Tip Of The Week: Rack Carry The rack carry is one of our favorite exercises at Catalyst. This movement helps develop a strong back and powerful core. The requirement to stand upright also has fantastic carryover towards improving your posture. A common challenge with this movement is to keep the lats packed and the ribs down (neutral spine!!)--it's easy to slack and appear to maintain the rack position, but be careful not to hinge in your spine or let your hips push forward. Use these cues to build more than core strength--this is strength like a tree trunk! 1) Keep the lats and shoulder blades packed evenly on both sides--squeeze the bottom of each armpit toward the ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - Tip of the Week: Side Plank - Personal Training in Midtown NYC

    Tip of the Week: Side Plank - Personal Training in Midtown NYC

    Tip of the Week: Side Plank
    The Side Plank is a portable and versatile powerhouse of a movement. It trains more than just your core muscles, including your shoulders, glutes, and legs, in a plane of movement that is easily neglected. Once you are set up correctly, the rest is just breathing and concentration! 1. Bottom Arm: Set your elbow under the armpit, not your ear. Then push out of the floor and pull your elbow to your feet without moving the elbow. This will engage your shoulder stabilizers, back and trunk muscles. 2. Hip Alignment: Your hips should be aligned one on top of the other. The pointy bones on the front of your hips should be as if they were against a pane of glass ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - Kaizen, Muri, and Personal Growth

    Kaizen, Muri, and Personal Growth

    One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was said to me during freshman orientation for the Division 1 lacrosse program I briefly attended. Our coach told us “The players who will be most successful in college aren’t necessarily the ones who were the best in high school, but the ones who improve the most once they get to college.” In a room where nearly every player was a high school team captain and All-State Selection, I remember being very impacted by this statement. While his advice was meant in the context of athletics, I have observed it to be true in nearly all realms of human endeavor. We can’t control our starting point, but we can always control what we do today. Can you ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - 3 Amazing tips to get you abs of steel!

    3 Amazing tips to get you abs of steel!

    Tip of The Week: Ab Wheel 3 Amazing tips to get you abs of steel! Demonstrated by our very own SPT member Jason. The Ab Wheel is one of the best exercises to strengthen the abs. Key benefits of the ab wheel are learning to brace your abs while moving into an overhead position, training anti-extension of the spine and stabilizing the shoulder joint. Here are a few tips to help you maximize the effectiveness of the ab wheel (use the video to help identify these tips)! See the video at the bottom for demonstrations. 1. Set up: Proper set up is super important. Start with the wheel directly under your shoulders. Have your hips in line with your shoulders and knees (butt not sticking ....

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  • Beast Tamer Long Duong!

    We at Catalyst would like to congratulate Long Duong for successfully crushing the Beast Tamer challenge on 5/13/16. For those wondering what the challenge is, it is a test of 3 lifts; military press, single leg squat and pull up. All 3 are completed with a 48kg (~106lbs) kettlebell. Aside from being strong as an ox, Long is one of the most genuinely good dudes we have ever met. His heart, persistence, kindness, and strength of character are an inspiration to all. We are all extremely proud to work with and be part of Long's extended family. Congrats!!!! ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - Tip of the Week: The Farmer Carry -  Personal Training in Midtown NYC

    Tip of the Week: The Farmer Carry - Personal Training in Midtown NYC

    Tip Of The Week: The Farmer Carry Farmer carries are a simple way to address shoulder stability, core stiffness, and grip strength as well as posture and alignment. They are also a great way to move BIG weight without the fatigue associated with conventional barbell lifts. 1. Grip with the thumb around the handle of the weight and imagine trying to crush it in your fists. 2. Don't lift the bells, carry them - squeeze your armpits closed, and extend the elbow so that your triceps show and the weights don't sway as you walk. Imagine you're pushing the weight toward the ground. 3. Stand tall, without over extending the lower back. Your abs, glutes, and lats should all work hard ....

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  • Tip of the Week

    Tip of the Week: Kettlbell Press Hey strong folks, here's your Fitness Tip of the Week: Kettlebell Press SPT Coach Jason shares valuable advice to take your technique to the next level : 1. When pressing the kettlebell overhead, it’s not enough to merely grip the bell – you should crush the handle as hard as you possibly can. Imagine you’re trying to leave fingerprints in the iron. 2. Explode out of the rack – one of the most common errors in the Kettlebell Press is to start slow and only apply full force and tension at the sticking point. Keeping total body tension, you should press the kettlebell as forcefully as possible for the entire range of motion. Try to ....

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  • Catalyst SPORT Summer Gear!

    Get your new Catalyst SPORT summer gear for a limited time!
    5 Styles Available. All styles have multiple color options.
    Click to order!
    Once at our storefront the use drop-down menu to change styles and colors.
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  • Step-By-Step Guide to the Turkish Get Up - Personal Training in Midtown NYC

    The Turkish Get-Up Step-by-Step The Turkish Get-Up is a beautiful display of mobility, stability, and strength. Performing the TGU regularly will help promote balanced musculature, which can reduce your chances of injury. We teach the get-up in 6 parts. Follow along with the video to learn this amazing movement. Below the video you can find writtne step-by-step instructions.
    Roll to Press:
    Starting in the fetal position with the kettlebell on your right side, grasp the kettlebell in your right hand with a neutral wrist (neither bent back nor flexed forward). Roll onto your back and press the kettlebell out to a locked elbow.
    Get-up to elbow:
    With your legs spread outside ....

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  • Two important types of breath by Dr. Kathy Dooley

    You may wonder why we at Catalyst SPORT like to focus so much on your breathing. Not only is breathing vital to life, but it also provides a stable platform upon which the arms and legs can move. Proper breathing = SAFETY!
    As you focus on breathing from your belly, you create a core of stability around the lumbar spine. This prevents your spine from moving faster than your arms or legs, preventing limb muscles from tightening to create stability. If that were left to happen, it increases your chance for muscle strains and injuries. The better you breath from the belly, the more stable you are through your core. And the more stable your core, the more stable platform upon which you ....

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  • A movement flow to help your mobility

    Havefun and improve your mobility with thisMovementFlow! At Catalyst,our missionis toempower people to live better lives through strength and movement. While making consistent weekly improvements on a pre-determined program is crucial to long-term success, it’s also important to introduce variety and unstructured play into your routine. Movement flows are a great way to do this. Try this flow, introduced to us by physical therapist Lee Scantalides, to get you moving in new ways and to keep your joints well-oiled. You can use this flow on your days off from strength training, as a morning “recharge,” or any time you can find 10 minutes to move your body. Follow along with thevideo of ....

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  • Small Group Fitness in New York - Catalyst SPORT - What is "Authentic Human Movement," and why is it important for your training? - Semi Private Training in Midtown NY

    What is "Authentic Human Movement," and why is it important for your training? - Semi Private Training in Midtown NY

    At Catalyst we believe in training the body in the way that it was meant to move. But what does that mean? How were we meant to move, and why is that important for your training? Isolation Not Integration, or Patterns Not Muscles
    What muscle does a wide receiver use to outrun the defender, and leap into the air to catch a touchdown pass? What muscle do you use to pick up some heavy luggage and put it into the overhead compartment? The answer is: A LOT OF THEM! In real life and in sports, Movement does not occur only at one joint. It is a coordinated, multi-joint, multi-plane effort that requires mobility, stability, and strength. Yet too often, when we go the gym, we train single body ....

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  • Semi Private and Personal Training in Midtown!

    Check out our new website for Catalyst Sport!
    We proudly serve the New York City area! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Semi-Private Training, Personal Training and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Youtube Instagram ....

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